area rug cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning 101

Before starting a new area rug cleaning job, it is important to set some rules. It’s wise to take a few days to gather information on all of the cleaning equipment that will be used. Some cleaning systems are meant for dry carpets while others are designed for wet and sticky carpets. With the appropriate types of machines for your use, you can be sure to make the job go much easier.

Certain area rugs are just going to need the services of hot water extraction. However, it is still a good idea to consult with an expert carpet cleaner who knows which method of extraction is best for your specific rug. Experts usually recommend extracting with water, but once they have extracted the cleaner will provide an estimate on how much water will be needed to clean the carpet. Of course, that is something you should discuss before beginning the process.

There are many different methods for hot water extraction. One of the most common is to utilize a sprayer, which gives off a foam that helps the carpet to absorb the cleaner. The foam helps to trap the dirt in the carpet as well. After having this foam applied, the person then uses a vacuum to pick up the foam.

Another method that is used for hot water extraction is steam. Steam, also known as “heat” cleaning, is one of the oldest and most popular methods used to clean carpets. This method gives the carpet a good cleaning without using a lot of water or using detergents that can be harmful to your carpet.

Another method of hot water extraction is dry extraction. This is when there is no use of water at all, but instead the area rug is left in a wet environment for a few hours to help break down the soil and cause it to blow away. After the area rug has been in the wet environment for several hours, it is thoroughly cleaned with a cleaner.

A little tip on cleaning rugs that use subflooring is to simply use a damp cloth to remove the soil from the subfloor of the rug. You can purchase special brushes that allow you to reach deep under the rug without contaminating it. The two different carpet cleaners that use this technique are VersaClean and Britannia Cleaners.

When considering your cleaning machine, make sure you look for one that is durable and easy to move. Also, make sure you do not overdo it. Even though it’s a good idea to take a few minutes of your time to research the different products available for your specific needs, if you are caught up in the excitement of cleaning your rug, it is a good idea to leave it alone for a while.

When your rug is completely clean, it will mean a lot to your children or your grandchildren, so it is a good idea to leave them a new place to play. When they feel that their new rug will last them many years to come, they will be more likely to be excited to come play on it every day. There are also some great options for kids who want a rug that looks like their real parent’s room.