You can bring your carpet clean and renewed to life by using the right cleaning and area rug cleaning products to help you get the best results. The proper use of proper cleaning supplies will help keep your carpet in pristine condition for years to come.

area rug cleaning

Cleaning an area rug is a little different than regular carpet cleaning. The area rug is usually more susceptible to dirt and damage. Make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that has an auto on/off feature so you can get deep down into the carpet to ensure all of the loose dirt and dust are completely removed. Areas that have small spots of debris or stains should be vacuumed back up with the carpet vacuum attachment.

Steam cleaning is not the best way to clean your area rug, but it does help to loosen up the soil and dirt. It also helps reduce the size of the particles that stick to the rug. Use a water-based cleaning product and place the rug in a bathtub filled with cold water and three quarts of the cleaner.

Using a carpet steam cleaner is often the only option if you don’t have the time to use a full-sized vacuum cleaner. Using a steam cleaner is the most effective method of rug cleaning because the hot water will loosen the dirt and dust on the surface of the rug that is too large to be able to be removed with a normal vacuum cleaner.

Carpet steam cleaning also helps remove debris from the carpet fibers that is smaller in size and is very difficult to remove using normal household cleaners. If you can’t find the time to invest in carpet steam cleaning, there are many rug cleaning products on the market that can help keep your area rug in tip top shape.

It is important to rinse your rug with the appropriate amount of water so the cleaning solution does not run through the carpet fibers. By rinsing the rug after cleaning it can help prevent the water from drying the fibers out. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your area rug, you should vacuum the floor and find any spots that may have become wet from the cleaning solutions.

If there are spots that aren’t visible, blot the area with a clean towel or paper towel. If the spot has become too heavy to be removed, it should be allowed to dry and then vacuumed up. If the stain is still visible after blotting it with a clean cloth, you should avoid using rubbing alcohol on the area because the alcohol can damage the rug fibers.

If you take good care of your area rug, it will help make it last longer and reduce the need for you to purchase a new one. Take some time to read the manufacturer’s instruction on cleaning the rug and follow the directions exactly.