If you have ever spent any time looking at area rugs, you know that they can be an attractive addition to any room. But with time, dust and dirt can build up in a rug’s fibers and damage the cushioning that makes it comfortable. If left unattended, this can cause a drug to break down and fall apart.

Rug stains are one of the most common things that can be removed from a rug. Using a chemical that is safe for the rug and that has the proper cleaning instructions, rug cleaning can remove the stain and help the rug regain its original shape.

By allowing the stain to sit on the rug, it builds up and makes the rug look dirty. In most cases, rug cleaning is not as simple as just rinsing the rug off. If the stain has been left on the rug for a long time, the residue will stick to the rug and become difficult to get off. And with any major cleaning, even those done by professionals, a little preparation is needed before even beginning the process.

Rugs do not come with the rug cleaning instruction booklets that carpets do. So even if a rug cleaning company uses their rug cleaning instructions as a model, it will not help the rug cleaner. Although cleaning directions are a good idea, they may not be the right ones for the job. A rug cleaning company that is licensed to work with carpets will know how to properly handle a rug, but most professionals will agree that rug cleaning is an art form.

Professionals that do rug cleaning will know the best way to get the job done, without making it look like a magic trick. There are many tricks that a rug cleaner can do, but there are several areas where the professional should keep their talents at bay.

To start, the most common mistake that arug cleaner can make when cleaning the rugs in their home is to over scrub the rugs. Because the fibers of the rug are tightly woven, too much pressure will stretch the fibers. Overstretching will cause the rug to look dirty or roughed up and will likely cause a rug to break down and fall apart.

The most common mistake that rug cleaners make is using an excess amount of detergent or a cleaning solution that is too strong for the type of rug being cleaned. This is a sure fire way to ruin a beautiful rug.

By having the right rug cleaning company that follows all of the right directions, they can remove the carpet and make the rug completely sanitized. Then, use a non-abrasive soap to wash the rug down with water and soap. If the rug needs to be hand washed, the rug cleaner should rinse out the entire rug in a bucket of water and let it dry out thoroughly before returning it to the area it was in before the stain began.