It’s true, if you don’t like the way your carpet looks in your home, you should consider cleaning it yourself. But with all the different types of carpet cleaners available, which is the best one? Here are a few of the types you’ll find:

Steam cleaners are commonly used for those who do not want to deal with the messes and chemicals that cleaning machines can produce. And if you’re not sure about how they work, you can read a good book about it or consult a professional cleaner to learn more. They can be expensive though, so you should do your research before you spend money on one.

Carpet cleaning machines are another option. They’re often less expensive than professional cleaners, but that doesn’t mean you can just take a chance and throw your carpet in one of them. Because they use steam, some machines don’t clean your carpet right away. So if you use one of these machines, make sure you follow the directions, and it will only give you problems if you mistreat it.

If you’re using this method, you’re also putting your furniture at risk. Because you have pets or kids that can eat the flooring or spill chemicals on it, you should use it carefully. You’ll also want to make sure your floors aren’t scratched, or the result may be permanent. And of course, don’t put your furniture in the machine until it’s completely dry.

Carpet steam cleaners also use hot water to clean the carpets. These machines use high pressure to remove stains, so you will likely need to re-clean your carpet after using one. After using one, however, it is almost impossible to see any visible dirt or stain, so you won’t need to pay an expensive cleaner to get it back to look like new.

Pressure washers are another type of carpet cleaners, but these only work on hardwood, linoleum, tile, or other soft surfaces. So if you’re unsure about how to use it, or if you’re going to have any children in the house, you should probably stick to the commercial machines. Professional cleaners can get it cleaned faster, but it will require more effort.

Lastly, there are commercial cleaners that can clean carpet for you. Because these machines use chemicals, you may be worried about them being messy. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about the chemical buildup as long as you follow the instructions. Professional cleaners typically use these to clean large areas of carpet.

Before you hire a professional carpet cleaner to come out and clean your carpet, you should do your research first. Choose one of the methods above that suits your needs. If you’re happy with the results, you can usually call the company back the same day to schedule an appointment.